Terms and Conditions

Concepts and terms

CashBack reward –percentage returned to the client from his purchase.

CLOVERR service website clovrr.com

Affiliate stores and services –websites of online stores and other services, working under special partnership agreements with the CLOVERR service.

Account – virtual office of a registered client of the CLOVERR service.

Account – virtual account for CashBack rewards.

Referral commission – the amount that you earn by connecting your friends to the service. 

Client – registered member of the CLOVERR service.

Referral – any new, unique member of the CLOVERR service, who is registered through a special referral link from the CLOVERR service. 

Qualified client – client who has at least $10 on his account.


CLOVERR service works on the basis of partnership (affiliate) programs with affiliate stores and services and gets a commission for referring clients to those stores and services where they make ​​their purchases. CLOVERR Service pays its customers a major share of these commissions paying CashBack reward.


In order to keep records of your CLOVERR service membership, when and for what you get your CashBack reward or referral commission for new clients registered through your referral link, what rights you have as a member of the CLOVERR service as well as our responsibilities, we have created this document, " Terms and Conditions".

By becoming a member of the CLOVERR service, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed with the following Terms and Conditions, as well as confirm the fulfillment of these Terms and Conditions, including any future amendments or updates.



The main function of the service is to receive the commission from affiliate stores and partners and to transfer CashBack rewards to the account of registered members of the CLOVERR service, thus allowing our customers to make money as a reward for making purchases from our partners. Our service is completely free and does not force anyone to become a member of the CLOVERR service. You are absolutely not obliged to accept your CashBack reward.


After the confirmation of the relevant terms of the contract, you will be automatically registered. In accordance with the conditions listed below, you will be able to receive a certain percentage of the amount of your purchases, or a fixed amount, or other lucrative offers of ​​affiliate stores and services through the CLOVERR service. Also, you will be able to receive cash commissions, discounts or gifts for participation in other programs, which may be presented in the future by CLOVERR service by making amendments to this Agreement. These programs may have certain, specified time frame.

CLOVERR service shall not be responsible for products or services offered by affiliate stores and services. CLOVERR service shall only be responsible for creating and maintaining your account on the basis of the information you provide to us. We also receive information provided by affiliate stores and services and compensate some of the purchase amount to registered members of the CLOVERR service, based on this information and fees received. 

Amounts of CashBack rewards earned by you as a result of shopping at affiliate stores and services are credited to your account. CLOVERR service keeps a record of your account and commission. Amounts of CashBack rewards, accumulated on your account, may be withdrawn by check or PayPal after the amount of your CashBack reward becomes equal to or exceeds $10.00. You, as a registered member of the CLOVERR service, will have to request a withdrawal through one of the procedures you select on our website.




Persons over 18 years of age may register and participate in the CLOVERR service. Residents of the USA and Canada who have a confirmed PayPal account for the receipt of payments or a postal address for the receipt of checks may participate in the CLOVERR service program. The program is also open to foreign residents, but PayPal is the only payment option for the payment of "CashBack rewards".


The CLOVERR service incentive program may not be carried out in conjunction with the programs of other services, including CashBack reward programs of other sites. Using other incentive programs may lead to a cancellation of commission payments by affiliate stores and services.


Any attempt to accrue, receive and keep CashBack rewards with the help of special software, scripts, automated processes, or through the use of multiple accounts is prohibited. If you use any of the prohibited activities, they will be recognized as a manipulation of the system, and CLOVERR service will block your account as well as all your accrued rewards and incentive commissions. CLOVERR Service reserves the right to act according to the law.


Registered customers should have a unique user account; any other duplicate accounts will be canceled. Duplicate accounts may lead to blocking of accounts, cancellation of bonuses in the process of registration of a client and / or referral.


In order to work with the CLOVERR service you must have Internet access and a valid email address.





The purpose of the CLOVERR referral program is to attract an increasing number of active clients.

You, as a registered CLOVERR service member, may get a permanent referral link associated with your unique ID. Each new member (referral) joining the CLOVERR Service through this link will be registered on your behalf. You will start getting a referral commission only after that new member becomes a "qualified client", i.e. there will be at least $ 10 of his own "CashBack rewards" on his account received from shopping at affiliate stores and services.

If there are questions as to who may be considered a "referral", the decision will be made at the sole discretion of the CLOVERR service.


CLOVERR service provides several ways for inviting friends: invitations by email, text links, banners, links, as well as other ways.


The term of the referral program is from January 1, 2014 to January 1, 2015. These dates may be extended automatically.

Spam mail, direct mail, message boards, or any other similar methods are strictly prohibited for use in the referral program. CLOVERR service reserves the right to recognize the referral program participant as a "spammer" and delete his account.


Affiliate text links, banners or reference e-mail addresses may only be placed on those websites, to which you are directly related, such as personal blogs, personal pages on social websites (Facebook, VK), personal Twitter accounts, etc.

We ask that you respect the rules of posting with regard to forums, blogs, auctions, and so on. In case of any complaints about the CLOVERR service, you will be asked to remove all the links.


CLOVERR Service reserves the right to prohibit any other mechanism of attraction if it is regarded as irrelevant by the CLOVERR service.

For example:

 - Content that is misleading or that falsifies the information for clients of CLOVERR service.

 - Violations with regard to the CLOVERR brand, affiliate stores, services or other trademark infringements.

 - Inappropriate content – content containing hate, porn or violence.

- Any pay-per-click ads, purchase of traffic in search engines by keywords. (Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.)

If the CLOVERR service discovers any inappropriate content, you will be asked to remove it. If the content is not removed within 3 working days or if the content appears after some time again, the account will be blocked. The client will lose the current amount of his "CashBack reward" and all his bonuses.

Registration of self-referrals with a separate account from one house or apartment shall not be permitted. The referral program may allow separate accounts in one apartment at its sole discretion, if it believes that they are independent.

If CLOVERR recognizes two accounts as self-referrals, CLOVERR reserves the right to block such accounts.




In order be eligible to receive CashBack rewards, you must be a registered member of the CLOVERR service, as well as comply with the technical requirements of the service.


Your browser must enable cookies. In order to make your purchase and get a CashBack reward, you find your desired store, service or product on our website and proceed to the desired website through our link. Then you create and place your order in the session to which you have proceeded by following the link on our website. Coupons, special codes and other methods of promotion of third party services and websites, may lead to the cancellation of CashBack rewards by the CLOVERR service. Payment for the purchase may not be made ​​with a gift card or certificate.

Customers of the service are rewarded by a fixed monetary amount or a certain percentage of the amount of a purchase made at affiliate stores and services.


Goods and services which are not eligible for CashBack rewards.


Wholesale order or order of a large amount shall be defined at the discretion of the seller. 

Monthly subscriptions. 

Gift certificates / gift cards, if not spelled out separately in the list. 


Purchases made with full or partial payment with a gift card or gift certificate. 

Special extended warranty on products. 

Trial and free goods.


CLOVERR service can not provide an absolute guarantee that you will get your CashBack rewards for your purchase, even if all of the steps are absolutely correct. If a claim is filed by a registered member of the CLOVERR service, the customer support department will contact the affiliate store and seek to make an informed decision. CLOVERR Service will not pay CashBack rewards to their customer if the affiliate store disagrees. If, after one month, the affiliate store does not solve the question in the affirmative, it would mean that CashBack reward for this request can not be paid.



CLOVERR service at its sole discretion shall determine whether CashBack reward may be provided for the purchase. CLOVERR Service shall not be responsible for tracking problems resulting from misuse of the CLOVERR website, cookies being deactivated, computer problems caused by any reason, use of third-party software services, as well as other problems arising due to errors, omissions, or other disruption of affiliate stores’ operation, failures, or any other errors of the tracking algorithm.


All information on accrued Cash Back rewards from affiliate stores is located and stored in a special ACCOUNT section. As soon as we receive a commission for your purchase and the return period defined by the affiliate store expires, the amount of your CashBack reward will be transferred to your account. When the amount of your Cash Back reward exceeds $ 10, you will be able to make a withdrawal request.


If the customer believes that he made ​​a purchase through CLOVERR service, and the amount of CashBack reward was not credited to his account, the customer must contact the servicedepartment of CLOVERR through our special application form within 90 days from the date of purchase of goods or services with the relevant support documents proving the deal. After 90 days from the purchase date, CLOVERR service will not be able to provide adequate support for the client.


CashBack reward amounts credited to your account may be corrected and returned to the affiliate store if your order is canceled or if your goods are returned. CLOVERR Service reserves the right to make a deduction from the client's account in favor of the affiliate store, and reserves the right to make corrections and changes in the client’s accounts at any time at its discretion. If you do not agree with the adjustments of your account, the only way out of this situation is to discontinue using the CLOVERR service.





CLOVERR service monitors and updates electronic codes and coupons offered by our affiliate partners as an additional free service for our customers. CLOVERR service is not liable for errors, failures or expiration of coupons. Typically, coupons and codes shall not be valid in conjunction with other special offers of affiliate stores (unless there are special conditions). Use of online coupons and codes found on other websites and resources, may lead to a loss of CashBack rewards of the CLOVERR service.


All incentive campaigns, offers and programs found on the CLOVERR service website may be changed at any time and without notice.


CLOVERR service only provides a place to organize information from affiliate stores; we can not guarantee the relevance and accuracy of the information on our website, nor can we control the quality or legality of any proposals, campaigns, programs, codes and coupons of ​​our partners. If there are any disputes with a supplier of goods or services that you receive using the information from our website, you will waive any demands, claims for direct or indirect damages, costs, losses, expenses and other losses and agree that you may not make the CLOVERR service responsible for them.



All prices for any goods placed on the CLOVERR service website, are advisory. We try to provide a timely and truthful reflection of commodity prices that you can find on our website, but the final price of goods or services is displayed only on the websites of our affiliate stores and services. CLOVERR Service shall not be responsible for any pricing errors.




Once the amount on your account exceeds $ 10, you will be able to make a request for thewithdrawal of money through a special form on our website. 

Checks are sent once a month, typically from the first to the fifth day of each month. Make sure that the email address that you provide in the process of registration is accurate. CLOVERR Service is not responsible for lost mail. You may also request a withdrawal from your account through other available methods proposed on the CLOVERR service website.




CLOVERR service membership is free. You shall be responsible for providing accurate information regarding your account, including a reliable email address. If you think there is an error, you must notify us within 90 days, using a special claim form.


If your account has been inactive for more than twelve consecutive months, CLOVERR service reserves the right to charge $ 2.00 a month to recover the cost of account maintenance.

If the balance of your account equals or reaches zero, the CLOVERR service will close your account and no longer support it with the access to the program. Inactive account with a zero balance will not cause actions that may lead to a negative balance on your account, and you will not owe any money to the CLOVERR service.

You authorize the CLOVERR service to disclose your information to third parties, including information received by the CLOVERR service about your account: (I) to agents of the CLOVERR service, independent auditors, consultants or attorneys; (II) to public authorities according to court order requests; (III) if necessary, for transfer or payment of your CashBack rewards.

You authorize the CLOVERR service to receive any information from any affiliate store including, but not limited to information on purchasing goods, such as the number of your order, date and time of purchase, and e-mail addresses entered for making the purchase.




CLOVERR service membership is the subject of this Agreement. 

Registered CLOVERR service clients may be people that are at least 18 years old. Users may not use scripts or special software for financial gain from the CLOVERR service. Users must have Internet access and maintain their real e-mail addresses to be eligible for CashBack rewards as well as other benefits and rewards of the service program. 


Any violation, fraud, abuse or failure to comply with this Agreement relating to accrual or receipt of CashBack rewards as well as any distortion of information provided by you or by a person acting on your behalf with regard to CLOVERR service or its affiliates, may result in termination of your membership in all programs of the CLOVERR service and confiscation of your accrued incentives and CashBack rewards.

A purchase may be regarded as a purchase made through the CLOVERR service at the affiliate store only at the sole discretion of the CLOVERR service. If an affiliate store or service does not report a transaction or withholds payment to CLOVERR for any reason, the CLOVERR service reserves the right to cancel CashBack rewards associated with this transaction. If there are reasons for the CLOVERR service to suspect some persons of fraudulent activity associated with your account, the CLOVERR service reserves the right to suspend or cancel the payment of CashBack rewards. You authorize the CLOVERR service to monitor your account, including your transactions with affiliate stores in cases where the CLOVERR service suspects fraudulent activity. CLOVERR service shall not be responsible for any lost or stolen payments, including gift cards. CLOVERR service shall not be not responsible for payments which through no fault of the service are made to the wrong account as well as for mistakes made by payment systems such as PayPal.  


The client shall be solely responsible for checking his account regularly to ensure proper receipt of CashBack rewards as well as to ensure accuracy and correctness of the balance of his account. If you think that your CashBack rewards or commissions have not been credited to your account or that you have received the wrong amount, you should contact the CLOVERR servicethrough a special form within 90 days from the date of the transaction. If you disagree with any adjustments made to your account or payments made ​​to you, your sole remedy is to withdraw from the program.


You may be taxed on the receipt of cash and other compensation and benefits (goods, travel, etc.) for referrals, depending on the tax laws of federal, state and local jurisdictions.

In all cases, you will be solely responsible for all tax liabilities arising from rewards received for referrals.


CLOVERR Service shall not be responsible for changes, cancellation or termination of any incentive programs affecting the accrual of CashBack rewards. CLOVERR Service shall not be responsible for changes, termination of any special programs with regard to coupon codes on the websites of affiliate stores and services.


CLOVERR service program and applications are provided to the user "as is" without any warranty. CLOVERR Service reserves the right to terminate the program at any time with or without notice. To the maximum extent permitted by the law, CLOVERR service waives all representations and warranties, express or implied, with respect to the service programs and applications.


Members agree to indemnify and keep CLOVERR service, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors and employees out of any claims or demands, including reasonable attorney's fees, incurred ​​by any party due to or resulting from the use of the program by the member. 


CLOVERR service may modify this Agreement from time to time with or without notice and your continued participation in the program after such modifications will be regarded as your acceptance of the amended agreement. It is your responsibility to review the terms regularly to determine whether this Agreement has been changed. If you do not agree with any amendment to this Agreement, you must immediately cease participation in the CLOVERR service program.


This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, without any reference to conflict of laws. As a condition of use and maintenance of the CLOVERR service website, you as a customer agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in San Francisco County, California, and therefore agree to file any complaints or claims of any kind exclusively in the courts located within the county of San Francisco.


If any provision of this Agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable, such a clause will be enforced to the maximum extent possible. Other items and provisions contained herein shall remain in full force and effect. Denial of any of the provisions of this Agreement by the CLOVERR service shall not be construed as a waiver of such a provision or right. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and the CLOVERR service with regard to the service program.