Service for Next-Generation Online Buyers!

Dear friends, we are opening a new modern service for everyone who buys goods and services online, who wants to be a smart and forward-minded buyer without overpaying!

The main point about this service is rather clear – this is the service that enables you to learn and then to use the most popular online stores and other services, and to receive up to 30% rewards for your purchases at these stores and services. To use special discount coupons and to participate in special discount offers, to be aware of new products and to be the first to receive the information about sales and special offers – all of these are offered on our site in a simple and accessible way.

Here you can see reviews on the quality of the stores and services, post your own reviews and share experiences about the purchases made and services received.

Upon registration on our website, you get a welcome bonus of $5 deposited to your account. Your friends invited to our service under a special program also get $5 when registering, and you get additional 10% of the rewards earned by your friends.

CLOVERR cooperates with over 3,000 online stores and other online service providers, including such online stores as Best Buy, Pandora, Microsoft Store, Orbitz online travel services, booking.com, HotelClub and many other popular sites that provide various online services.

24 hours a day, we check online all the program updates and rewards payments, coupons and discounts at partner stores and services. Moreover, our customers get the highest rewards.

Advanced search engine will always help you to quickly find and compare the best offers.

The idea of creating a new modern online service for buyers of goods and services emerged when we started collecting information about such sites. We used to buy from online stores a large amount of goods and services, and while using these sites we could clearly understand what we lacked as customers and what people expected when using such services.

It was then we decided to create not just a convenient and simple website with rewards and coupon cash back, but to create a live service with additional social features for communications and discussions.

Similar services just pay percentage of client transactions. They have no real life, no current information, no opportunity to talk to people, to ask about the quality of the products and stores, to learn first-hand about the reliability of the service from the experienced people who have long used, for instance, a clothing store or online ticket purchase service. It is these opportunities, which we would like to introduce on our CLOVERR website in order to make the service alive and vivid, to convey the atmosphere of friendliness and mutual help of the people eager to share their knowledge and experience of buying goods and services online, of getting discounts and coupons.

We are confident that our service will have obvious benefits not only for the people using online services, but also for our partner online stores and services, which will always be able to get feedback from their customers, to learn others’ opinion about their company and to get information about their competitors’ pros and cons.