30 days have already passed, but the amount of CashBack reward has not appeared on my account yet. What do I do?

If your CashBack reward does not appear within 30 days, please make a claim using a special form. Ourcustomer support department will then send the claim to the affiliate store. All claims must comply with the Terms and conditions to which all members agree when registering on the CLOVERR service website.

What do I do if I get a wrong amount of CashBack reward? 

Sometimes our affiliate stores inform us that the order amount has been fixed. If within a week your CashBack reward amount has not been corrected, please contact our customer support department through a special form, and we will make a claim to the affiliate store.

How long does it take for a CashBack reward to appear on my account?

Reporting time depends on the affiliate store. Typically, CashBack reward appears within a few days after your transaction. However, some stores do not conduct a transaction until the goods are shipped to the customer. Some of our partners, such as travel services, will not carry out the transaction and will not report on their transactions until the trip is complete.

Why may CashBack rewards be reset?

CashBack rewards can be reset (in reverse order) for several reasons, including:


* Affiliate store or service has made a refund.

* Affiliate shop or service has changed the order of payment for the use of coupons of third-party services or companies.

* Affiliate store or service has changed the order as a result of contacting their sales team and a change or creation of a new order directly.


If the exchange or return was partial, and the amount of CashBack reward was canceled for the entire order, please contact the customer support department through a special form  and we will send a claim to the affiliate store.

I just completed a purchase. Why doesn’t CashBack reward appear on my account?

CashBack reward does not appear on your account immediately. 

Daily, CLOVERR receives information on transactions from affiliate stores, i.e. those purchases, for which the customer is entitled to get a CashBack. Once we receive and process these data, the amount of CashBack reward will appear on your account.


Why can’t I go to the home page?

When this happens, it is almost always associated with cookie settings of your web browser. You can find detailed instructions for all major Internet browsers.

Why do I not get CashBack reward after my purchases?

There are many potential reasons why your CashBack reward does not automatically appear on your account.

You should be aware that information about your order or purchase is sent to us by the seller within 7 days after shipment. 

Discount coupons and codes found on other sites may invalidate CashBack rewards.

Make sure you do not click on other sites after moving to the merchant's website. If necessary, follow our link again to move to the merchant’s website and only then complete your transaction. 

There may also be technical reasons. Please make sure that cookies are not disabled by your software. This often happens due to certain conditions of anti-virus and anti-spyware software. 

There may also be other errors and unforeseen problems. If CashBack reward does not appear on your account on a regular basis after your orders, please contact us through a special form.


What is a claim? 

If you place an order through the CLOVERR service according to all the rules, but the amount of CashBack reward payable to you is not credited to your account within a month, you may write a claim  using a special form.

After we verify your purchase information, we will send a claim against the seller on your behalf. More information can be found on TERMS AND CONDITIONS page.

Why should I write a claim if I have not received the CashBack reward?

CLOVERR service covers your CashBack reward by receiving a commission for your purchase. When CashBack reward is not received automatically, it means that we have not gotten the commission. We need to notify the seller and make sure that they compensate for the CLOVERR service commission. After that, we will manually add your CashBack reward to your account. 

Can I appeal against a decision on the claim made by the seller?

Unfortunately, the seller's decision is final and according to the terms of the program, the seller shall not be required to provide any additional information in this regard.

How long does it usually take to process a claim?

We strive to address and resolve all the problems in the shortest possible time, however, it may usually take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. As soon as we receive a response from the seller, we will immediately contact you.

What if the seller does not accept the claim?

Unfortunately, if the seller rejects your application, you will not get CashBack reward.


Can you help me if a store delays or fails to ship my order?

CLOVERR service website is just a portal site. On all matters relating to goods, delivery, etc. you should contact the seller directly.

Why doesn’t the link work? I cannot get to the right shop.

Stores may be temporarily closed for maintenance. Please try again later and if the problem persists, please let us know using a special form.

Why can’t I find a familiar store which I have already used?

Sometimes shops suspend or completely stop participating in affiliate programs. In such cases, we remove them from the list of our service.

My favorite store cannot be found on your website, can you add it?

If you want us to connect your favorite store to the service, please email us through a special formand we will do everything in order to add that store to our service.


How can I request the payment of CashBack reward?

Go to your account page and make a request for the transfer of funds via PayPal. Confirm your email address before sending your request

Will I have to pay additional fees when transferring my funds to PayPal?

You do not pay any additional fees associated with the transfer of your funds to PayPal.

What do I do if I cannot find my transfer to PayPal?

Contact us and we will be able to help you track the status of your payment on PayPal.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw from the website?

When your CashBack reward reaches the amount of $ 10, you will be able to cash out your money by transferring it to PayPal.

Can I get my money via PayPal, if I live outside the U.S.?

PayPal will allow you to send money to various countries. However, please be aware that PayPal does not work in all countries. You need to make sure that you are entitled to receive payment for your request.

How soon will I get my payment after making the request?

All transfers of funds are made within the period from the first to the fifth day of the subsequent month. That is, if you make ​​a request within the period from August 1 to August 31, your payment will be made within the period from September 1 to September 5.


If I buy a gift card, do I get CashBack reward?

Only if it is permitted in trade policy store. 

If I made payment for goods with a gift card, do I get CashBack reward?

If your purchase was paid for with a gift card or certificate, you will not be eligible for the CashBack reward.

If I made only a part of the payment for the goods with a gift card, do I get CashBack reward?

If your purchase was at least partially paid with a gift card or certificate, you will not be eligible for the CashBack reward.


Is it possible to use coupons found on third-party sites or services?

Most of the coupons and coupon codes found outside of the CLOVERR service website will most likely invalidate your CashBack reward. Perhaps there are some affiliate stores that allow you to use third-party coupons and get your CashBack reward, but we recommend that our customers use coupons and coupon codes that are available on the CLOVERR service website.

Is it possible to use a coupon posted on the merchant's website?

If a discount coupon or code is located on the merchant's website, the use of such coupons or codes will not affect the receipt of your CashBack reward.

What do I do if a coupon does not work properly on the CLOVERR service website?

Problems with coupons may be different. The coupon may have expired or there may be some restrictions in terms of its use. Please contact us and we will check the operation of this coupon.


May I get an additional commission if my referral invites a new member?

You may receive a commission only for your direct referral, and your commission is calculated on the basis of CashBack rewards he earns

How does the Affiliate (referral) program of CLOVERR service work?

The CLOVERR service offers several tools for attracting your friends. They are all available on a special page INVITE FRIENDS of our site.

Once a new client comes through your referral link or refers to your email address, that new member of the service becomes your referral. You can see him in your account in the Referrals section.

When your referrals earn CashBack rewards on CLOVERR service, you will receive a commission of 10% of their CashBack rewards (within 3 days). Please note that your bonus will not affect CashBack rewards of your referrals.

How can I attract new customers of the service?

CLOVERR service provides several different ways for attracting referrals and disseminating information about our website including:

Text Links, Send an Email, a Link to Facebook and Twitter. 

Can I make myself a referral?

No. Customers of the service may have only one active account; it is one of the terms of the CLOVERR service.

How do I know who my referrals are?

When a new member of the CLOVERR service is registered using your link, their username and / or e-mail appears in the Referrals section of your account.

I have invited my friends, but I can not see them in the list of my Referrals.

If you are sure that they have registered, please inform us, we will check and connect your accounts.


May I get CashBack reward by placing a pre-order?

Most affiliate stores do not pay rewards for making pre-orders.

Can I get CashBack reward for the amount of taxes and delivery added to the price of goods?

No, shipping costs, taxes and duties levied by the seller are not eligible for CashBack rewards.

Can I open other sites for comparison, after moving to the CLOVERR service website?

Of course, we understand that comparing information about products is important. However, visiting other sites during your transaction may cause problems in terms of monitoring your transactions and, unfortunately, may lead to a loss of your CashBack rewards.

Tip: after you compare information on different sites, return to the CLOVERR service website, then go to the desired website again and only then complete your purchase.

If I live outside of the U.S. or Canada, will I be able to receive CashBack reward with my purchases?

Most international orders are eligible for CashBack reward. However, due to some differences in strategies for international orders of our affiliate stores, we can not always guarantee that you will get your CashBack rewards for your purchases.

Can I get CashBack reward for the purchase of an extended warranty?

Extended warranty, which is sold in addition to the product, is not subject to CashBack reward.

Is it possible to get CashBack reward if I pay for my purchase with a Gift card or Certificate?

Most affiliate stores do not pay CashBack reward if the payment is fully or partially made with Gift cards or Certificates.


What is the difference between the "Expected reward" and "Available reward"?

The amount of "Expected reward" is originally credited to your account after the completion or payment for the order you place at one of our affiliate stores or services. This amount remains with the status of "Expected reward" within 90 days of the receipt. This will provide us with sufficient time for collecting commissions and for complying with settlement procedures per different policies for return and exchange of goods and services of our affiliates.

After 90 days the amount of compensation changes its status to "Available reward" and may be "cashed" by requesting a transfer through bank account, PayPal or check. Please note that the minimum amount that may be transferred is not less than $ 10.

90 days have passed, but the status of my reward remains as "Expected". What should I do?

Please contact the customer support department through a special form and we will check your status.

Please remember that the 90-day period starts from the date of receipt of the amount of remuneration to your account, and not from the date of purchase or order.

Why does the "Expected reward" status last for 90 days?

Since most of the shops and services have the period during which orders may be returned or cancelled, we must provide for the same period of time in order for our affiliate stores or services to be able to resolve issues regarding change or cancellation of the reward. 

Affiliate shops and services have different policies with regard to refunds and cancellations. The ninety-day period allows us to cover the time period which is needed by all of our partners for making adjustments in remuneration.

When does my reward become "Available"?

Rewards automatically become "available" after 90 days from the date of their receipt. For example: if the reward is received on 8/2/2013, it will become available on 10/30/2013.


Why do I get logged out of the CLOVERR system after a successful login?

If, after a successful login, you are logged out of the CLOVERR service, it means that Cookie settings of your web browser do not allow our website to work correctly. 

Should I do something special when exiting the online store? 

You just exit the store. You should not send us a confirmation of your purchase, as we get the confirmation from the store.

Do I get a reward if I forgot to go to the store through CLOVERR?

Unfortunately, purchases made without CLOVERR, are not eligible for the Cash Back reward. If the Cash Back reward is really important for you, the only thing you can do is cancel the original order and make a repeat order through a CLOVERR link.

How do I do shopping through CLOVERR and get my money back?

You should just select a store, click and go to their website. Your transition from our site activates a code for receiving the Cash Back reward. Every new order at the store requires a unique transition from our website. Please note that the fee does not appear in the shopping cart. The Cash Back reward is credited to your CLOVERR account in 1-30 days.

Are orders and purchases made over the phone eligible for the reward?

Only orders placed online through the CLOVERR service are eligible for CashBack rewards.

Am I eligible for CashBack rewards when buying gift cards or making payment with a gift card?

Some affiliate stores offer CashBack rewards for the purchase of gift cards. Nevertheless, many stores do not provide Cash Back rewards for purchasing gift cards. Purchases made with gift cards or gift certificates as full or partial payment method, are not eligible for CashBack rewards.

What happens if I exchange goods or amend my order?

An appeal to the store to exchange or amend your order may sometimes cancel the CashBack reward. The reason for this is that some stores cancel the original order and create a new one that will not be eligible for the CashBack reward. Tip: When amending your order, cancel the original order and make a repeat order through a CLOVERR link.

How soon will the amount of CashBack be credited to my account after making the purchase?

Most orders are processed shortly after the shipment date or the date of the order, depending on the trade policy of the store. Basically, the reward will be credited within 1-30 business days from the date of the order or the shipment date.

Is it possible to simultaneously use coupons and discounts posted on CLOVERR, when making purchases at affiliate stores?

You should use only those coupons that are available on CLOVERR. Coupons found on third-party resources and sites may lead to a loss of Cash Back rewards at most affiliate stores. CLOVERR service is not liable for coupons that are expired or improperly redeemed.

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